Diary 2023

Plans for 2023
* Make an new amazing lightshow
* New RGB pixellights for the large megatree
* RGB pixellights will be tested on the santa sleigh
* More lights in the hedges around the garden

After 85 hours of work everything is now ready
to be light up on Friday December 1st.
34063 lights on 462 lightstrings which in total
measures over 3 kilometers i length.
Signs have been installed and just as last year
the lightshow will run in energysaving mode on
weekdays. To start the show when it is in that mode
there are signs with a green button.
Press the button to make the lightshow start!
Figures have been put up and the conservatory
have been decorated.

We are closing in and see the end of all work.
The last lights are being installed, for example
the minitrees, presents and Mickey Mouse silhouttes.
All of them are equiped with RGB pixel led lights.
Also the last wires have been installed and that
made it possible to finally try all light strings
and all controlboxes.
A few broken strands were found and replaced.
The santa sleigh, with its new lights, could finally
be tested. In the picture all in red, but can actually
be controled to any colour.
Next weekend only conservatory is left to be
decorated and also to put up all signs.

During the weekend a large amount of lights was
installed. Less than 2000 lights remains before its
about time to test everything before it is December.
During Saturday the Disney castle was installed with
its 3250 lights, in its 5 meter high glory.
Over the castle goes a 12 meters long arch, as well as
6 rebars with lights that creates the fireworks.
During Sunday lights were installed in the fruit trees
and were wired to the main control cabinet, where
everything is controled from and sends out signals
to all other control boxes.
The santa sleigh has got a refresh with RGB lights and
it was tested with great result. Also here a controlbox is
needed to control the 1135 lights. Previously the sleigh
drew 300 watts, but with the new lights only 50 watt.

November is here and not so many weekends left
til its time to light up all lights. 72% is now done.
The white artificial trees have been installed and
decorated with its white, red and blue lights.
Then I decorated a little here and there, for example
the fountaint and lights in all the hedges.
For this year I have doubled the amount of lights in
the hedges, by reusing lights from my megatree.
Next weekend its time for the Disneycastle.

Another weekend done and now I've past 20000
installed lights. The megatrees have now been built
up out in the yard. The largest is around 5 meters
high and have for this year been updated with
new lights of RGB type, which can be found on more
and more of the decorations I use.
On one of the pictures you can see a controlbox which
I built to be able to control each and every led on the tree
to the exact color I want.
I have taken one step back to be able to take two steps
forward and be able to create the effects I want.
In previos years this tree have been having 3000 lights.
600 white, 600 red, 600 blue and 1000 amber color lights.
With these I could only use thees colors and the amber strings,
which were wraped like a spiral around the tree, I could
only control them on or off to make the spiral effect.
The new RGB lights is only 2000 on the tree, but with these
I now for example can have them all 2000 shine red in
comparision with only 600 earlier.
I can create alot of different effects which you
will notice on this years lightshow.

This weekend the weather offered grey and rainy
weather, but I still keep up to the plan that I've
set on what to be done each weekend to be able to
be ready for December 1st.
The large and high fir trees have got their lights
and the candles and leaping arches have also been installed.
As I've written before I have arranged so I can hoist
up the 15 meters long strands in the high trees.
The lights are of RGB pixel type, which maked it possible
for me to control each bulb to any color I want.

Second weekend with installing lights is done and dusted.
The last lights on the house and terrace has come in place.
Icicles has been hung along countours and garlands has been
installed on railings and the conservatory.
The garage also has garlands in form of a 10 meter long one.
Its perfected with snowflakes and the classic God Jul sign.
I also had time to start putting up lights out in the yard,
on one of the strong growing fir trees.
The strings are hung as far as I reach with my special pole.

Now its the time of year when I start installing lights
for this years lightshow. More than 3 km lightstring is
going to be installed and wired so most of them can be
controled by the lightshow. As usual I start decorating
the house and then move out in the garden.
White, red and blue lights, which are put togheter to one
strand is hung along all contours. The stars and bells are
installed upon the roof. A bit more than 6000 lights are
now in place and one weekend down, seven left to go.