In these times people talk alot about the climate.
Not to overconsume energy. Then it might be stupid to
put up thousands of light which makes the powercounter to
spin like a tornado.
Thats what makes it such a good challenge!

I want to give children and adults a wonderful memory,
because the christmas is the time of the year when you
should light up in memory of Jesus Christ!

The first you should check is that the power in the outlets
is green, from renewal energy. I pay extra to get
windpowered energy in my outlets.

The second is to get reliable and lowconsuming lights.
LED's is becoming better and better. They consume 6 times
less than normal lights.

Sure its beautiful with as much lights as possible!
But there is a limit, both in the fusebox and your neighbours.
They shouldnt be forced to wear sunglases!
Get Lighsshow-controllers. The you can have ten-thousands of
lights in different colors.
But just light all the lights together sometimes in the show.
Then you will get that WOW-feeling!
One time the house is coverd in blue and the other moment
its a twinkling inferno of different colors synced to music.
If a lights twinkle, it just consume half as much energy!

That makes my powerbil happy, and not a nightmare.
I've read lots of articles of other christmaslights-fanatics which
can have a powerbill 10 times larger than mine, but who only
has half as much lights as I have.

Think of the enviroment when you visit my house.
Dont let the engine runing, but let your positionlights on
so we dont get a accident.

Merry Christmas!