The lights are off!

Lightshow is on between December 1th and January 13th.
4:00 PM - 10:00 PM

I live in Hallestad in the middle of Sweden.

During some times the lightshow will be running in energysaving-mode.
When you arrive to the lightshow you will see signs with a
green button on. When the show is in energysaving mode the button
and sign will be lit. Push the button to start the lightshow!
The radiofrequence is 107.5 Mhz and does only work right outside.
During the weekend alot of visistors comes to see the
lightshow, so if you have time please visit during the weeks.
Dont block or park on driveways, show other drivers what you are going to do,
dont let your engine running for long time, keep the stereovolume down.
It is not allowed to walk into the yard without permission.
The best view to see the whole display is from the road.
If all works well, we will have a lightshow next year too.