Whats new?

days til I turn on the lights!

Christmas is over and the lightshow have been shut
down for this time. Thanks to all who have visited!
This year we've had a wonderful snow cover during
the whole time the lightshow have been running.
Now we have to look forward to spring before its
time to take down the lights.
If you miss the christmas juleljus.se is always here.
The video and pictures of the lightshow is here
for you to enjoy.

The video of this years lightshow is now available.
We have had a nice snow cover on the lightshow all
December which makes the lights look great.

1st of December is here and the lights are on!
Pictures are available under Lights 2023.

After 85 hours of work everything is now ready
to be light up on Friday December 1st.
34063 lights on 462 lightstrings which in total
measures over 3 kilometers i length.
Signs have been installed and just as last year
the lightshow will run in energysaving mode on
weekdays. To start the show when it is in that mode
there are signs with a green button.
Press the button to make the lightshow start!

We are closing in and see the end of all work.
The last lights are being installed, for example
the minitrees, presents and Mickey Mouse silhouttes.
All of them are equiped with RGB pixel led lights.
Also the last wires have been installed and that
made it possible to finally try all light strings
and all controlboxes.

During the weekend a large amount of lights was
installed. The Disney castle, santa sleigh have been
put up, as well as the rest of the trees got their lights.
Less than 2000 lights remains before its about time
to test everything before it is December.

November is here and not so many weekends left
til its time to light up all lights.
This weekend I've put up a few decorations here
and there, so 72% is now done.

Another weekend done and now I've past
20000 installed lights.
The megatrees have now been built up out
in the yard. The largest is around 5 meters
high and have for this year been updated
with new lights of RGB type.
Read more about it in the diary.

After a weekend with rain and cold weather
I am glad I am still keeping up with
the schedule. I have to plan in detail
which decorations that needs to be done each
weekend to be able to be ready in time.
Is it rainy things tends to take a bit longer.
The big, large fir trees have got their lights
and I have also put up the candles and
the leaping arches.

Second weekend with installing lights
is done and dusted. 9700 lights is now up.
House and garage have been decorated and
now the work continues out in the garden.

The summer has flown by and autumn is here.
Time to start installing lights again for this
years christmas lightshow. Some decorations will
be updated. It will be busy times now to get
3 km light strings in place before December 1st.
Check out the Diary to follow the work.

Yesterday was the last day with the lightshow
for this christmas. See you again soon.

With only a few days til Christmas I have now
uploaded this years video under Videos 2022.
I have also uploaded more pictures
under Lights 2022.

After over 80 hours work advent is finally
here and we get to light up all the lights.
New for this year is that the lightshow during
some times will be running in energysaving-mode.
Right now it will be running fully during weekends
and in energysaving-mode on weekdays.
To start the real lightshow when it is in energy
saving-mode there are signs with a green button on.
If the whow is in energysaving-mode the button and
the sign will be lit.
Push the button to start the show!

The lightshow and all of its lights
has now been tested. The first snow
of this season has fallen over the lights.
In just a few days its time to light up.

Almost all lights are now up and
are ready to be tested.

Last weekend was the Disney castle installed.
31573 light are now up.
Not so many lights left now, but also only
about two weeks left till its time
to turn on the lightshow.

We are now into November and Christmas
is closing in. Over 70% are now installed.
Read more in the diary.

Almost 23000 lights are now up.
Last weekend I installed some things
here and there, for example the arches,
the fountain and the advent candles.

More than half of all the lights are now up.
The megatrees that I build up out in the
yard are now in place. The weather has
been varying, but the work has to be done.

Work is progressing. Last weekend I mounted lights
on garage and shed.
The two large fir trees got their RGB lights,
which I switched to last year.
According to my calculations I will install
around 33500 lights this year and I will pass the
the 3000 meter mark. That means I will install
3km of lightstrings in total lenght!
Check the diary for pictures and more facts.

Now its finally the time of year when
christmas is closing in and its time to start
installing this years lightshow.
First lights are up, already 25% up.
This year might be a bit different.
We have an uncertain situation out in the world
which affects us with high electricity prices and
a threat of energy shortage.
But the news changes from day to day, so we
have to cross our fingers and hope for better
situation in December. The lights will be
installed at least and the electricty price
isn't affecting me so much thanks to a good
contract with fixed price.
I have also some plans on how I can still
have christmaslights and a lightshow, and be
able to save energy if it turns out to
be a crisis. For example an energy-save-mode
when there is no spectators watching.
I will get back with more details.

Christmas season is over for this time.
Now its time to take everything down and
start planning for next year. See you!

Here is a litle special, this years lightshow
seen from above (filmed with a drone) is now
available under Videos 2021.
I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.
The lightshow will run all the way til
the 13th of January.

Video from this years lightshow is now uploaded.

First advent is here and lightshow is up
and running! Pictures is now available.

When most of the lights is in place the
only thing that remains is to finish this years
lightshow on my computer.

Most of the lights are now installed and I
have also made all the wiring to the
controlboxes and tested all lights

This weekend it was time for the
Disney castle to be installed.
There are now not many lights left to
be installed and its just a few weeks
now til its time to light up.

23805 lights is now installed.
The fountain of lights and the white
artificial trees is up, as well as
lights in most of the hedges.

Over halfway through the work and 60%
of the lights is in position.
The megatrees out in the garden have now
been installed.

Now is almost 14000 lights in position.
The large fir trees have got new lights for
this year. See more about it in the diary.

Another weekend with decorating and now is
9300 lights installed. This year we will have
more than 33000 lights.

The autumn is here and its time to start
decorating for this years lightshow.
On November 28th we will light up with
our lightshow again as usual.
Last weekend we started installing lights.
See more about it in the diary.

Christmas is over for this time.
Take care everyone and see you all
again in October!

Merry Christmas!

The video of this years lightshow is now avilable!

The lights are now on and lightshow is running.
A small cover of snow we have after all.
Pictures is available under Lights 2020.

Now its only a matter of days til its time to light up.
On Sunday 16:00 we light up the lightshow for this year.
Last weekend the last lights were in position and every
light was tested. Now it only remains some small things.

The Disneyland castle is now up. 5 meters high and
decorated with 3250 lights, controlled by 5 controlboxes.
During the weekend also the santa sleigh and lights in all
of the trees was installed.
Now there only remain around 2000 lights to put up.

During the past weekend lots of lights have
come into place. 6509 lights was intalled on
the megatrees that are built, in several
sizes out in the yard.

We have now installed more than half of all
the lights planned to be installed.
The white artificial trees, candles, fountain
and lights on hedges and bushes is in place.

Another weekend has passed and the work
continues. 4000 lights have come into place,
for example the lights in the two large spruces.

The second week of decorating is over and
almost 10000 lights is now installed.

Finally it is time again to start decorating
for christmas. As usual more than 30000 light
have to come into place before it is time light it up.
This year the premiere will be on November 29th, on
the first Advent sunday.
During this weekend I installed the first light.
Find out more in the diary.

Lights have been turned off for this christmas.
But it wont be long before we start longing
for the next christmas. See you then!

Now is the video of this years lightsshow uploaded.
Check it under Videos 2019.

December is here and the lightshow is running.
Pictures are now available under Lights 2019.

Now is all lights in place and ready to be
lighten up tomorrow on the 1st of December.

Only a few days left til its time to light
it all up! During this weekend the last
few lights where install and of course
this years new decorations.
See more in the diary.

This weekend I took some time off from the
work on putting up all the lights.
But I'll be back finishing installing lights
in the upcoming weekend.

Less than three weeks to go before we light up.
During this weekend more than 7000 lights was
installed and now only small things remains.
Some testing and a few hours in front of the
computer is needed to finalize the lightshow.

Another weekend has passed and 72% of
all lights is now installed.
The megatrees have been put up out in the
yard and they contain 6700 lights in total.

17000 lights is now installed and we now
passed half of the amount of lights to be
installed. November is soon her and just
a few weeks to til we are lighting up.

The work continues as planed.
During the weekend have another 3600 lights
come into place. The large spruces have
got their lights.

The work continues as planed.
During the weekend have another 3600 lights
come into place. The large spruces have
got their lights.

Second weekend of decorating is now over.
10000 lights is in position and most of
the lights on house and garage is in position.
Now we continue out in the garden.

Autumn is here again and for all who is longing
for christmas my tip to you is to start
decorate your house with christmas lights, to
make the time go a bit faster.
The work with installing this years lightshow
has started and during this weekend 6000 lights
have been installed.
Read more about the work in the diary.

Christmas is now over for this time and now
we are reloading for next christmas.
The lightshow got a beautiful snow cover for
the last day for the season.
I October we will be back again. See you then!

Happy new year!
We will run the show til January 13th.

Finally the movie of this years lightshow
is now available under Videos 2018.

Snow has finally fallen over the lightshow.
More pictures is now available under Lights 2018
and in a few days the movie of this years show
will be uploaded.

1st of December is here and the lightshow is on!
Pictures are now available under Lights 2018 and
also the diary is updated with the last
new decorations installed.

Only a few days left til December 1st when
its time to light up the lightshow.
During this weekend nearly all lights where
installed and also tested to be ready for showtime.
Read more in the diary where some news is revealed.

In less than three weeks the lightshow will be
up and running. Its just two more weekends
available for working with the lights.
During this weekend have the Disneyland castle
been installed and now only small things remains.
Also the news for this year is left to install.

We are now in November and its less than a
month left til we should be ready to light up.
The work is progessing as planned and its
less than 20% left to install.

6400 lights was installed during this weekend,
so now is more than half of all the light up.
During this weekend the megatrees was installed.
Read more in the diary.

The work continues. 13250 lights have now come
in place. The large spruces have got their
lights and also the arches is in position.

During the last weekend we continued
installing lightstrings here and there.
It was, for the season, warm weather.
30% is now in position.

After a long, hot summer the autumn is
back again and its time to start decorating
again for christmas.
5918 lights have been installed
to the house this weekend.
In a few weeks its time to install last years
new favorite, the disneyland castle.
This year we will finetune on the details and
make everything a bit better.
On December 1st we will light up again.

The lightshow is now over for this christmas.
We see you again after the summer
when a new lightshow is starting to take shape.
See you!

Happy New Year! The lightshow will be
running til 13th of January.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

There are now more pictures available
under Lights 2017.
Its now only one week left till Christmas.

Video of this years lightshow is now uploaded.
Look under videos 2017.

This years lightshow is now up and running.
Pictures is available under Lights 2017 and
a movie will show up in a few days.

All lights is now in position and its now
just a few days til we can light it up.
During this weekend the last tweaks and tests
where done. I can now also present this years
news. Check it out in the diary.

30640 lights have now been installed.
Now its only one weekend to work til
everything should be ready to light up.
Friday December 1st we start the show.

During this weekend another 6000 lights
have been installed. Only two weekend left,
then all should be ready.

The work continues in full speed.
20000 lights is in position, only 11000 left.

Soon just a month left till December and
when everything should be ready to light up.
The installation have carried on this weekend
as well and 13600 lights is now up.
Check the diary for pictures and a sneak
preview of the work with this years big news.

During past weekend a whole bunch of lights
was installed. Almost 10000 lights is now
in place. All lights planned for the house
and garage is up, so now the work continues
out in the garden.

Only one and a half month left til December is
here again. This time a year ago everything
was already in place, because I was in the
tv show Julkampen.
(the great christmas light fight sweden)
I was the winner of the episode I were in.
This year everything is back to normal again.
To celebrate the victory we will build a big
new decoration and increase to over 31000 lights.
Read more in the diary, to follow the work.

This christmas lightshow have now come to its end
and we are now looking forward to December 1st
when a new lightshow will start. See you then!

Happy new year!
The lightshow will be running all the way til
January the 13th. We are already inspired
for a new show for christmas 2017.

I have now uploaded a movie of this years lightsshow.
Its under Videos 2016. Enjoy!

This year we didnt have to wait to long for the snow.
I have uploaded some new pictures under Lights 2016.
A movie of this years lightshow will be uploaded
in a few days.

Now have the first episode of Julkampen
(The Great Christmas Light Fight Sweden)
aired and I am happy to announce that we
are the winners in the first episode.
I dont know if you can watch it in other
contries than Sweden, but here you can try.
This gives great motivation to continue
for several more years.

The lightshow are now up and running.
One news for this year is four candles up on
one of the garage roofs. It has RGB-lights, so
I can control and change the colors of them
how I want during the lightshow.
Now we just need some snow and then I will make
a video of this years lightshow.
Some pictures is now available under Lights 2016.

Now its just a few days left til its time to light up.
I have a few new things that will be installed as well.
Last weekend I visited Disneyland Paris.
It was an amazing visit with lots of christmas spirit.
Fantastic shows with lights, sound, water, lasers,
projection and loads of fireworks.
Gave me alot of inspiration, which
I cant wait to try for next year.
Here is a short movie with the highligts.

Just around 3 weeks left til we light up for christmas.
Its now official. The TV-show we will be on is called
Julkampen (The Great Christmas Light Fight Sweden).
It will be aired in Sweden Kanal 5.
In this show three families in each episode will compete
with each other, to see who has the best lights.
In each episode one of these families will be crowned
as a winner. The jury is two familiar guys Johnnie and
Mattias, known from home-improvement-shows on Kanal 5.
My lightshow will be in the first episode and will
be aired on November 30th 8pm.
It will be available on Dplay.se as well.
So now just lets hope that we have done enought
and take the victory in the first episode.

The recording for the tv-show was a success.
We are very happy that so many wanted to come
and take part as audience.
I think you were more than 70 people taking part.
The lightshow will now rest til November 27th.
I think I will have time to make some new
decorations til then.
The countdown to christmas continues.

Everything is now installed and ready to be started.
Tomorrow we will light up for the tv-cameras.

Durig last weekend a big effort was put in.
Almost all of the remaining lights was installed.
And now when I am writing this all is in place.
Now remains just some wiring and then testing.
On Sunday we will light up for the tv show.

I can now reveal that I will be in a
tv show this christmas.
We will record the lightshow on sunday
the 16th of October.
We invite you to attend as crowd during
light up. Two celebrities from swedish
television will join.
I will give more information about this
tv show when we get closer to christmas.
Then the lightshow will rest until
November 27th, when the real lightup will be.

The installation continues and almost half
of all lights is now up.
During this weekend the lights where installed
in the two large trees.
I have also installed the arches and all
the lights on the garage.
I will in a few day explain why I am installing
the lights abit earlier than usual.

Now its time to start charging up for
christmas and this years lightshow.
In fact I have already started installing
lights. There is a reason behind and
I will soon get back and explaining why.

Tonight was the last night for this season.
Now we will look forward to next christmas.
There is already ideas and plans.
I have added a few more pictures under Lights 2015.
Take care and see you all again in
a couple of months.

2015 is now at its end, but we let the
lightshow run a bit into 2016.
We run as usual all the way til January 13th,
which is the day in Sweden when we end Christmas.
The lightshow got, a few days ago, a beautiful
layer of snow.
I have uploaded new pictures under Lights 2015
and also a new video, which is under Videos 2015.
It is made by one of all visitors of the lightshow.
I can warmly recommend it for all who want to
keep the christmas spirit for a few more days.
Happy new year!

Today I finally can present the video
of this years lightsshow.
Its available under Videos 2015!
This friday I was also interviewed in live
radio and got the prize for the best
decorated christmas house.

Today I turned on the lights for the season!
Pictures are now available under Lights 2015.

In just a week its time, then we will light
up to celebrate the arrival of christmas.
During this weeken the last lights have been
installed and every light have been tested.
Next weekend its only left to testrun and
refine the lightshow.
We will turn the lights on on Sundag 29th 16:00.

With soon just one week to go we do the
last effort in installing all the lights.
The diary is updated.

Take a look in the diary to follow the progress.
Today I have tried some new technology and
prepare for a new decoration for this year.

Over 6000 lights was installed this weekend,
so now is over 18800 lights in position.
The megatrees have been built up in the yard.
More info in the diary.

November is here and in a month everything should
be running. After this weekend I have installed
almost half of all lights. 12416 lights is installed.
During this weekend the lights was installed in the
two large spruces and also the light arches.
Read more in the diary.

Second weekend has passed and the countdown continues.
During this weekend was the iciclelights installed on
the house. New for this year is icicles also on the front
of the house. The terrace and garage have also
got their lights.

Christmas is closing in and its
time puting up the christmas display again.
Picture from the past weekend of working
is now in the diary. You can also go back
seeing pictures from past years in the archive.

Christmas is over for this time.
Next time we'll try to be even better.
Thanks to you all who follows this
and I wish you a happy new year.

Took some new pictures today, so
you can see how it looks with the
cover of snow. Check under Lights 2014.

I hope you've had a merry christmas.
The lightshow is now covered in a
beautiful layer of snow.
(see pictures in the diary)
The show will be running all the way
til 13th of January.

Finally the movie of this years lightshow
is available for all of you.
I wish you a merry christmas!

You have been waiting very long now
for this years movie of the light show.
The movie will be uploaded during
the evening of 4th sunday of Advent.

We are up and running. Some pictures where taken
today. Check them under Lights 2014.

The lightshow is now ready to be lit up.
I will turn on the lights at 16:00 today!

Now its just a matter of days before its time to
light up to welcome christmas.
All lights is installed and wired in. Whats left is
to testrun and adjust the lightshow.
One last new thing is to be built during this week
and install it before we light up.
Christmas, here we come!

Less than 2 weeks left now. 92% is now installed.
Only a few thousand lights left plus wiring in
the light controllers. Also careful testning of
everything is needed before we are fully ready.

3 weeks left til its time to light up. The new
lights did finally arrive and during this weekend
the decorations out in the yard have been installed.
75% is now installed. We did also get the first
snow for the season during last week, but has melted now.

November is here and another weekend has passed by.
Unfortunately the delivery of the new lights is slightly
delayed, but keeping up with the schedule after all.
Almost half of all lights have now been installed.

Second weekend done. Been decorating here and there.
32% and about 8000 lights is in place, for example
the icicle lights. I am waiting for the new lights,
which will show up any day now.

Time is here, the installation of this years display
have started. Pictures from the weekend and more
info is available in the diary.
Check out the archive to view the past years.

Autumn is here and the countdown has started.
I have some news for this year as well.
New lights have arrived from USA and I have placed
an order from the same factory as last year, so
i can add several thousand lights more to the display.
They will be delivered in the end of October.
We aim to reach over 25000 lights.

I wish you all a Happy New Year! The lightshow will be running
all the way until the 13th of January.
The SVT TV feature is now available under Videos 2013.

Here is the link for the TV features which Swedish Television
Östnytt did and was shown today Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas.
Click here to go to SVT Play.
The feature is 1:25 into the video and is in Swedish.

Christmas is really close now, so I want to wish you
a very merry christmas and a happy new year!
Nu är det inte långt kvar till julafton, så vi vill
I've uploaded some new pictures, look under Lights 2013.
A few days ago I had a visit from the local TV-station,
which made a feature which will be shown on christmas eve
here in Sweden. I give you a link when its available.
Merry Christmas!

Finally the video from this years lightshow is now
uploaded for you. Check out the video-page.

While waiting for the full movie of the display I
can share a short teaser-movie that shows the new
effect on the megatree.
It is created with 1000 ambercolored lights winded around
the tree and is animated with 10 channels to create
the spiral effect. Megatree 2013 teaser

Lightshow is now running! Now we just await some snow
so I can make this years movie.
I've uploaded some pictures under Lights 2013.

Now its really close! Lightshow is ready to be turned on.
Today everything was tested and the new lightstrings works perfect.
Tomorrow Sunday 1600hrs the lightshow begins!

One month til Christmas Eve and in a week we will light up!
Basicly all lights is now up, just 150 lights to go in
form of signs and small things.
Next step is to test the lightshow, to make sure everything
is wired and working properly.

Two weeks to go. 20480 lights have now been installed.
Not so many lights left to install.
The arches and the white artificial trees is in place.
Next weekend the rest will go up, plus to connect everything.

17548 lights is now in place. Only 21% left to install.
In just three weeks everything should be ready and
before that install the rest of the lights, finetune
and tested. check the diary for pictures from this weekend.

Yet another weekend has passed by and now its November,
so we now countdown. 12731 lights is up, 58% done.
Lights is in place in the big spruces and all other trees.
Next weekend its time for the megatrees built of lights.

After this second weekend of hanging lights I can count
8000 lights in place. 36% is now done.
Everything on the house and garage, plus a few of the
trees and bushes. Next weekend its time for all trees
and the big spruces.

Now is the first weekend of decorating over.
21% finished, around 4700 lights.
Check the diary for pictures from this weekend.

Soons its time again, in 47 days its again time to
light up the christmaslights! Upcoming weekend will be
the start of putting everything back up again.
News: The Light-o-Rama system will get another 16 channels
to play with and create new effects.
This years show will get a facelift when a whole bunch
of lights will be replaced with LED lights.
I will go from 36% LED to 75% LED which will cut the amps
and watts to half of what I had 2012.
It will make place for me to use even more lights,
This year aiming over 20000 lights.
I got 12000 lights today, directly from the factory.
Thumbs up for very nice quality.
A few more lights will show up within a week.
Check the archive for last years shows!

This years lightshow has now ended, after 44 days running.
Now we have dealed with the darkest part of the year, more sunhours and summer is to expect soon.
Now the disassembly will start and in 9 months its time putting
up a new lighsshow. I hope to be able to deliver an
even better one! I can assure you that I have got a lot of ideas.
The power consumtion was only 1,3kw per hour this year, so there is
place for bigger display. If all lights I have would be LED I could
expand to over 50000 lights before I reach same consumtion as today.
Hope to see you here also next year.

The new year is here.
Will be running the lightshow a few days more, until sunday
the 13th, usually there will be alot of people still visiting
til its time to shut down.
I am already looking forward to next christmas.
I have so many new ideas I want to try.

More pictures is uploaded to the Light 2012 page.
Happy new year!

I have signed my display to Swedens funniest lightdisplay.
I would appreciate if you gave me your vote (Hit the "Rösta" button)!
It is possible to vote everyday until the 30th of December.

Juleljus.se wishes you all a very merry christmas!
A beatiful cover of snow now decorates this years lightshow.

Finally this years movie is ready for you to watch! Look under video 2012.

Yesterday the lighsshow was turned on again. Very happy, especially with
this years news. 19209 lights now glows beautifully to the nice musicloop
with 10 tracks. The new songs for this year is Greatest time of year (Aly & Aj),
Christmastime (Michael W. Smith) and a new final song
We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
We got a perfect amount of snow just before 1st of December,
so the display is perfect now.
I took some pictures yesterday to test my new camera, without tripod.
These pictures can be found under Lights 2012. Movie coming soon.

Now most of the display is up, tested and ready. Only 200 lights left
to install in form of signs. Only minor details left to fix before weekend.
Check the diary for the latest pictures. On saturday 4 pm it will be lights on!

Now its not far away. In just 12 days the lights will be on!
Past weekend I installed lights again, now is 18000 lights up.
Only 1000 lights to install next weekend, when all the new stuff
will be installed, and also the last wiring and testing everything.
The lightshow is also now ready on my computer.

During past weekend again lots of lights was installed.
78 percent is now done, 14000 lights.
All trees built with lights is now up. Read more in the diary.

Another weekend of decorating done. Now is 58% installed, 11113 lights.
The two bigh spruces now have all their 1600 lights. The garage has got
all the usual lights, plus some other trees and bushes.
Next weekend I will build up all the megatrees built of lights.

In one month exactly the lights will be on again!
So now its just keep working to get everything done in time.

During the second weekend of decoration I installed everything
on the house. Just a few days before we got the first snow,
but during the weekend we had lovely autumnweather. So now it was
possible to do the roof. 42% is now done, just over 8000 lights.

First weekend of decorating done. Saturday offered a lot of rain,
so the planning had to be changed and the decoration of the roof
is moved to next weekend. I usually start with it.
I also had some fever in my body, but still got more done than
planned during 7 hours splitted on the two days.
So now is everything done on the house, except the roof.
54 lighstrings is installed, almost 3500 lights = 18% finished.
Next weekend is prediction great weather, but colder.

Today has the first lightstrings been installed. More info tomorrow.
I have also mixed this years musicloop for the lights to be syncronized to.
It is 10 songs put together to a over 9 minutes long track.
Its including 4 new tracks!

Now when we are in the middle of the autumn its
time to count down to christmas again!
Coming weekend I will begin putting up all the lights.
Earlier this week I got a delivery of more than 1600 new lights.
I will try updating here as much as I can so you can
follow everything going on.
Check the diary for more info on this years plans,
and if you want to remember last year, check the archive.

Tonight was the last night with the lights.
Now we will look forward and plan for next christmas.
December 1st, here we come!

Tonight I have uploaded some new pictures
that where taken when we had some snow.
We wish you all a Happy New Year!
Lights will be on for 12 more days.

This years video of the lightsshow is now available!
Look under Videos 2011.

Finally we have got some snow.
My new videocamera doesnt want to do what
I want, so it has taken some time to shoot.
But I have now filmed everything I need to make
this years lightshow-video.
I will edit it and upload it as soon as possible!

Finally I have uploaded pictures of this years
display. No snow yet, but I have taken photos and
filmed the lightshow. I will edit it and upload it
as soon as possible.

Its now been a week since we turned on the lights!
All is working fine. Still waiting for a good
photo opportunity. In coming week we expect to
have colder weather and hopefully some snow.
So next weekend there will be both pictures and videos!
A few days ago we did our traditional visit to the Liseberg
amusmentpark in Gothenburg. Over 5 milion lights! Amazing!
There is some pictures from the visit in the diary.

Lightshow is on and working as it should!
No snow yet and stormy weather makes it difficult
to get good pictures. Some pictures takes with
a mobile is up. Better pictures and the movie is
coming soon.

Only a day left till lights will be turned on.
So exciting!

Not long time left til lights will be on.
De sista slingorna installerades under lördagen.
During this sunday everything was wired, just the
big controlbox left. Then its time for test.
Have some time infront of the computer with the
lightshow left too, so it will be work all the way.
Crossing fingers hoping everything still works.

During last weekend more lights was installed.
80% is now finished. Check the diary for lots
of new pictures!

In three weeks now, its time!
This weekend more lights was installed.
60% done, eg 11000 lights!
Next weekend its time for megatrees and

7900 lights is now installed. Almost halfway.

More lights was installed during this weekend.
4500 lights are up. I have been starting collecting
music for this years show. New pics in the diary.

Finally its time again! Countdown has started.
The first lights are up. A delivery with new lights
arrived earlier this week. Read more in the diary.
Past years can be viewed in the archive.

Lights are now switched off for
this season. See you again next christmas!

One day til Christmas.
I have updated the diary with pictures
of the conditions at the moment.
We have got a lot of snow.
I wish all visitors of my site
a Merry Christmas!

Local Television channel NT24 have been
on a visit this year too.
See the spot here.

Videopage is now filled with videos
on all the tracks, now also on Youtube.

This years video is now uploaded!
Watch and enjoy. I will try get some
more pictures of the house too.

The first pictures is available under:
Lights 2010
We got even more snow during the day,
so all the lights isnt perfectly visible,
but its beautiful.

Less than 24 hours left now.
Everything is done and tested.
I have been digging up some lightstrings
that have been covered with lots of snow,
but now it looks to be perfect. Dont forget
to check the diary, to see the whole progress.
Next update will hopefully be with fresh
photos of the display!

Just a few days left. We have got snow
everyday since this monday, so now it will
be really nice with the lights on. But I dont
want to much, because the lights on the roof
wont be visible enought.

Only a week to go. 99,5 percent done!
All lights and controllers are now tested.
Next week its time to light up, I will install
the signs and load the lightshow into LOR.
In coming week it looks like it will be bellow
freezing and til next weekend we will have snow.

In less than two weeks the lightshow will be
turned on. Its closing up quick now.
89 percent done and wired up.

Seasons first snowstorm has been over us.
No worry for the installation of the lights,
because all of the lights in trees are done.
For the remaining of the lights the snow wont be.
a big problem. But now I want to turn on them,
cause the snow makes the lights very beautiful.

65 percent is now up.
Next weekend I will build up the mega-tree in
the middle of the yard, together with the three
small ones. The weekend after that its time for
the arches and the white christmastrees.
Then we will arrive at the 1st advent weekend,
when all will be tuned and testdriven before lightup.
Christmas is closing up real fast!

51 percent is now ready, halfway done now.
Only three full weekend to work til it all
should be tested and ready.

29 percent is now up. I have uploaded some new
info pictures in the diary.
The music for this year is now mixed. It will be 10 tracks.
Its a great mix of classics, dance and rock versions.

Diary is now updated with more info.
In one week the first lights go up, so
I know what I will do for the next five weekends.

The new lightstrings have arrived.
Very happy with them, they will work very nicely.
Check the diary for pictures!

Now is the website ready for a new season.
Not to long now. A new set of lights will
arrive in two weeks. About 2000 new lights.
Some will be changed for something new.

Right now the lightshow is burried under 70 centimeters
of snow. We where lucky that we didnt have this amount during last
christmas, cause none of the lights are visible.
Look on the pictures in the diary: Click here

Lights are off!
The site have had 9440
unique visits this year.
Thanks for this season and
see you again in the end of
this year for another amazing

Happy new year!
Last day for the lightshow is
January the 13th.

Merry christmas to all!
Thanks for watching and supporting my

Today a short interview was aired on a
localtelevision-channel NT24.
Click here to watch the coverage

We've had some snow now, so I have taken
a few new pictures.
Check under Lights 2009.

Finally! The movie is now uploaded. Enjoy!

This years movie is now under editingprocess.
It will be ready and uploaded sundayevening. Watch out!

Now I have uploaded a few pictures of this years show.
More pictures comes when we've got some snow. A movie will
come soon too.

Lights are now on!
I have uploaded a few pictures in the diary, so you
have something to watch before I upload pictures of
this years lightshow.

Just a month til Christmas and less than a week til I
switch on the lights. This weekend I testrunned all lights
and worked perfect. Only signs and the last secret left.
A few pictures are now up in the diary.

Now is almost everything put up, only signs and
the last secrets is left.
Next weekend everything will be plugged in and
up for a little testdrive, to check if all runs well.
Pictures of the work will be up next weekend.

Countdown has started. The first lightstrings are
now up. I have a few new surprises which will
give an even better and more unique lightshow.
Read more in the diary for 2009.
Hold on, its going to be amazing.

Tonight the lights where turned off.
But the plans for next christmas is
ready, so now we will just have to wait.
Its going to be amazing!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have uploaded some pictures of the house during daytime,
because we've got alot of snow. Check the diary.

Mixmegapol and the radioshow "Antligen morgon med Adam och Gry"
read my email in the radio about my lightshow and where impressed.
Hear the swedish clip here (rightclick and save target as).

Localpaper NT have written an article. Read here.

The video of 2008 lightsshow is now uploaded!
Watch it on the Videos 2008 page.
You might be forced to allow ActiveX-controls
to watch the movie in Internet Explorer.

Pictures is now uploaded under Lights 2008.
The lightshow has now a nice snowcover, its
really beautiful to watch now.
I have filmed the display tonight and I am
going to edit it as soon as possible!

1:st Advent. Lights are on!
Dont forget to tune in 107.5 FM on
your carstereo when you visit me.
Pictures and movies coming soon,
snow is expected this week.

24 hours to go.
Sunday 1:st Advent 4 PM lights will go on.
See diary 2008 for pictures!

Almost all lights are up.
See diary 2008 for pictures!

I've made an update to my homepage. It now has
a swedish part, www.juleljus.se!
In this moment 50% of my 16000 lights are up.
Check the diary! More info later...

On the evening of January the 13th the lights
where turned off. It became dark. :)
I have now uploaded a few photos I took when
we had got snow. Now I've started the process
bringing all the lights down again.
Last night I brought down 20% of the lights in
an hour, because we had a storm coming.
The plans for next season is are already in
progress. At least 5000 more lights and LED's is needed
and I will give musicsyncronisation a try.
Viewers will be able to listen to the music in
their cars. Powerconsumption will stay as it was
this year or maybe even drop. Feel free to ask questions
in the guestbook. See you in 9 months!

Tonight I uploaded my own video of my display.
Its a well choreographed video with nice christmasmusic
showing the best of my standalone show.

I uploaded another movie tonight.
Its the trailer which SVT showed in a earlier program.
It shows some other views (and also another house).

Tonight I uploaded the first movie.
The regional news-station from Swedish Television came
and did a interview about my lights.
First time in television for me, quite nervous.
Im not completly happy with my answears. ;)
But I am happy with my lights, but I got so many
great ideas for next year that I cant wait to test!

Took some pictures this evening. Enjoy.
I will get more soon and also make a movie, I am
still hoping for some snow.

Lights are now on! December its here finally.
Thanks to heavy downpoor I havent been able to get
any picture or movies yet. But I will get them as
soon as possible.

One month to christmas and just a week til December 1st!
All lights are now up and tested. 13390 lights!
The christmaslight-controller works as a charm, it will
bring a very nice lightshow. Since it is my first year
with computercontrol I will just run a 2 min standalone show,
but it has capacity to run a syncronised to music,
next year definitly!
Check out the Diary for pictures!

Two months until lights goes on again.
In next week I will receive almost 5000 new lights from my sponsor.
Another news for this year that I will use a Light-O-Rama
christmaslight controller. It has 32 channels and will control
most of my lights from there, so expect a wonderful lightshow and
movies here in december.
I have tested all my lights and trown away broken or bad strings.
This year I will also use some more LED lights. Max amps for this
year will be almost 25A!
I have to promise to update here a bit more too.

1st Advent and now is all lights up and
brightly shining. Im very happy with this
years display. I've now uploaded both
building pictures in the diary and
high resolution pictures in Lights 2006. Enjoy!
Closer to christmas I will do a movie and
update the homepage with professional pictures.

Lights are on! Its been a bit stressful, but
all major lights are up. Some pictures are
uploaded, but more better pics will be shoot
tomorrow with tripod. Check diary!

11 days left. I have put up 36% of all the lights.
Updated the diary.

Less then a month until I switch on the lightdisplay!
On the 1st of December 4 PM the garden and house
turns to a wonderland.
The work has begun. The plan is ready. See the diary
for more info and the updated plan.
First pictures of 2006 are up also up (in diary section).

Today I got lots of packages from my sponsor.
4446 lighs on 56 lightstrings and ropelights.

Updated the site with sponsors.
The invest in new lightstrings can begin.

Homepage is uploaded and running.
Planning for lightset 2006 is started.